This manual gathers the basic tools for the correct handling of the brand. It must be taken into account for all future applications of the brand.

This manual aims to contemplate the needs of all those people responsible for interpreting, articulating and applying the brand in its different media and actions.

A Basic Symbology

A-01 Corporate Logo.
A-02 Construction.
A-03 Security Area.
A-04 Minimum Size.
A-05 Corporate Colors.
A-06 Complementary Colors.
A-07 Corporate Typography.

B Rules for the Good Use of the Brand

B-01 Correct Versions.
B-02 Correct Applications.
B-03 Incorrect Applications.

C Brand Applications

C-01 Corporate Stationery.
C-02 Uniforms and Textiles.

A Basic Symbology

To avoid undesired results in the implementation of the QUALITYWEB 360 brand, a series of generic rules must be followed.

The QUALITYWEB 360 brand is built based on a symbol, logo and corporate colors that must be restricted for its correct use.

A-01 Corporate Logo

The Logo is the identifier of the brand in common use in all its applications.

The QUALITYWEB 360 brand is made up of a Logo and a Logo or Symbol that reflect the concept to be transmitted.



A-02 Construction

The logo is reproduced on a modular surface of 50×9 proportions.

The value “x” is established as a unit of measurement to ensure the correct proportion.

logo cuadriculado - Brand Use Manual

A-03 Security Area

A protection area for the logo is established, so this area must be free of graphic elements that interfere with your perception and reading of the logo.

It is defined based on the proportional unit of measurement X, this being 2X.

The construction of the protection area is determined by measure “X”. Whenever possible, it is preferable maximize this space by separating the logo from other elements on the page (text and images).

logo seguridad - Brand Use Manual

A-04 Minimum Reproduction Size

In order to guarantee its correct display, the logo has a minimum reproduction size of 40 mm. horizontal.


——————————————————40 mm.——————————————-

A-05 Corporate Colors

The color references of the brand are the Pantones specified here. If the printing conditions do not allow the use of it, the logo may be printed in four colors, or in black.

Este es el color principal de la marca y el que debe predominar.

Pantone 2173 XGC

CMYK: 78 / 37 / 0 / 0
RGB: 73/ 135 / 204

Este es el color secundario de la marca.

Pantone 536 XGC

CMYK: 41 / 25 / 14 / 1
RGB: 162/ 177 / 200

A-06 Complementary Colors

They are colors derived from corporate colors and from the color palette present in the software to be implemented in actions such as:

  • Main color gradients.
  • Contrast typeface font color.
  • Color complements for diverse applications.

Pantone 2132 C

CMYK: 90 / 66 / 0 / 0
RGB: 09/ 87 / 195
HEX/ HTML: 0957C3

Pantone 7546 C

CMYK: 87 / 66 / 48 / 50
RGB: 37 / 55 / 70
HEX/ HTML: 253746

A-07 Corporate Typography

The typeface family that is recommended to accompany the corporate image is the Montserrat family.

For use in all internal communication, signage and external communication.

This typeface was chosen for its clarity, simple style and good readability.

tipografia - Brand Use Manual

B Rules for the Good Use of the Brand

To avoid undesired results in laying practice of the QUALITYWEB 360 brand, a series of generic rules have to be followed.

The value of a brand largely depends on the discipline in its application. In order not to weaken the visual message of the brand, it is essential to avoid counterproductive effects in its application.

A disorderly use of visual identity creates confusion, and has a very negative impact on the brand’s profile and on the public’s perception of its values ​​and services.

Ordering and applying the logo correctly is a guarantee that it will perfectly convey the hierarchy within the entire corporate image.

B-01 Correct Versions

Whenever possible, the brand will be applied in its main version.

If this is not possible for technical reasons, the black and white version will be used.

Main Version


Negative Main Version

logo negativo - Brand Use Manual

Black and White Version

logo blanco y negro - Brand Use Manual

Negative Black and White Version

logo blanco y negro negativo - Brand Use Manual

B-02 Correct Applications

Maximum visibility, readability and contrast have to be ensured in all applications.

If the logo has to be applied on non-corporate backgrounds or photographs, it must be applied in black or white, depending on the brightness of the background.

Non-Corporate Dark Color Background

logo morado - Brand Use Manual

Light Non-Corporate Color Background

logo amarillo - Brand Use Manual

Dark Photographic Background

logo fotografia oscura - Brand Use Manual

Clear Photographic Background

logo fotografia clara - Brand Use Manual

B-03 Incorrect Applications

The logo has relative measures and proportions determined by the criteria of composition, hierarchy and functionality.

In no case, modifications of these sizes and proportions will be made.

Likewise, some typographic fonts will not be used to try to recreate the logo, but rather the editable vector file of the logo will always be used.

Incorrect Color Application

logo color incorrecto - Brand Use Manual

Incorrect Color Percentages

logo porcentajes color incorrectos - Brand Use Manual


logo deformado - Brand Use Manual


logo comprimido - Brand Use Manual

C Brand Applications

To avoid undesired results in the implementation of the QUALITYWEB 360 brand on different supports, they must follow a series of generic rules.

Ordering and applying the logo symbol correctly is a guarantee that it will perfectly convey the hierarchy within the entire corporate image.

C-01 Corporate Stationery

Graphic sample of application of the brand on stationery.

It can be used or not header and footer based on the design presented, if used it will be based on the main color of the brand.

Likewise, the logo will be represented in the upper left position and the relevant data in the upper right.

hoja membretada - Brand Use Manual

The business card will be developed on textured or satin material.

tarjeta de presentacion - Brand Use Manual

The envelope in any presentation or size will carry the design at the foot of it, based on the main color of the brand and the complementary color and the logo will always be located on the right and on a white background.

sobre - Brand Use Manual

The folder will keep the same global style applied to envelopes.

carpeta - Brand Use Manual

The application on CD and other elements should be consistent with the brand in general.

CD - Brand Use Manual

C-02 Uniforms and Textiles

The garments identified with the brand may be white with an embroidered or printed logo.

camisa blanca - Brand Use Manual

Variance is allowed on blue garments, highlighting that it must be in accordance with the corporate color and in this case the embroidered logo will be white.

camisa azul - Brand Use Manual

All garments must be given in accordance with the rules of this manual.

gorra - Brand Use Manual
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