Disadvantages of using Shared Folders for all your company’s documents

The use of shared folders has been the type of document management system that has been implemented the most in companies, because up to this moment it had been able to satisfy the need of having a central data storage. In which the employees of a company could access -without any “inconvenience”- to verify and share some kind of information or documentation about their work.

In the past, the use of shared folders as a document management system had gained prominence because by sharing a folder on a computer, other computers connected to the same local network were able to access the files within it.

Employers used this same document management system because it was observed that networking increased their employees’ productivity and, of course, greatly reduced costs, gaining space and reducing the complexity of customer service systems.

Disadvantages of using shared folders

Traditionally, the use of shared folders was a document management system that served its purpose well. But at a certain point additional needs appeared. Because:

  • Other users can access the information and misuse it.
  • Users cannot work on the information at the same time.
  • Other users can modify or copy the information.
  • If the computer containing the folder is disconnected from the network or is turned off, these files cannot be accessed.
  • If two people access the same document at the same time and make changes at the same time, changes to the document made by one of the parties are not saved.

In addition, with the use of shared folders, the need to share files outside the physical boundaries of the company, via the Internet, was imposed, which occurred as a result of the expansion of smartphones in recent years. In addition to sharing files with employees, it is now necessary to share them with customers, facilitate teleworking, work-life balance and schedule flexibility. There is a need for remote access and access with different devices.

Now, there is also the need to keep those files safe from viruses and external attacks, in addition to maintaining backups in other geographic locations.

With the advancement of the digital era, it is of utmost importance to be at the forefront of the business environment to provide a highly efficient service that meets the needs of customers and reduce the time of attention performed by employees.

To obtain these results, it is important to leave aside the use of shared folders and have an updated document management software that allows them to reach them.

control of documents software

Document Management Software

A document management system is a database program that has a suitable technology for processing administrative documents.

Nowadays, there are many document management systems, but not all of them are the same, neither in functions nor in objectives.

Choosing a good system for a company is of utmost importance for two reasons:

  • The first one is that all the files and information with which the company’s network is being fed must be confidential and must be extremely secure, so that they will not be misused by third parties or by the employees themselves. With the use of shared folders, this cannot be achieved.
  • The second reason is because all the company’s documentation will be stored in the document management system and if there is any problem, no one will be able to access it and the activities will not be carried out correctly.


This is a document management software with which you can easily manage the control of all the processes of a company, which allows you to manage them at any time and from anywhere.

QUALITYWEB 360 is not a common management system, it is developed under the ISO 9001 Standard. Having the standards of this norm makes it the best document management system because it also manages all the files and allows to have this information coming from the same place.

The ISO 9001 standard is designed to provide customer satisfaction and improve internal communication, understanding and control of company processes, as well as to provide confidence in the products and services provided by a company.

The users of this system are unlimited, which allows working with many collaborators, reduces work times because it is not necessary to start drafting documents from scratch. Several employees can work on a document at the same time and all changes are saved in it.

Finally, you can make use of the information without the need to be inside the company’s facilities, you only need a device with internet access.

It should be added that QUALITYWEB 360 is not only a document management system, it is also a maintenance system and a quality management system, which helps to establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve the necessary processes of the companies.

With the use of the document management system offered by QUALITYWEB 360, as an employer you will be able to see an increase in the optimization and productivity of your company’s employees reflected in the quality and efficiency that this system offers you.

All the processes that you offer as a company will be reflected in the business market making a big difference in the service provided to your customers.

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