Why is QUALITYWEB 360 the best document management software?

QUALITYWEB 360 is a control management software that gives you security, accessibility wherever you go, in the same way, it protects your data. It is designed to grow your company with 15 modules that allow greater efficiency in your work.

It stands out for its certification as document management software, and the Great User Experience and Rising Star recognition, granted by the Financial Online Organization, and the evaluation of the clients themselves positions it as one of the best quality software.

It allows you to obtain the best performance for your company, improving staff productivity, all these user-friendly solutions make it the ideal tool for your company.

It is not a common management system, QUALITYWEB 360, is developed with ISO standards, therefore, it ensures compliance with services, which you can access from any device with an internet connection.

All the characteristics indicated, support the work carried out by QUALITYWEB 360, managing to optimize the processes that are managed electronically.

document management software

What does QUALITYWEB 360 offer?

QUALITYWEB 360 has 15 modules that have been designed to make your work easier, among which you will find Document Control, Internal Audits, Corrective Actions, KPIs, among others, ensuring the best performance.

Manage and control all the processes and operations of your company with the best quality management program, QUALITYWEB 360, you will have everything in the same place, with quick and effective analyzes to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

The internal audit module allows each user to document all audits, such as planning, execution, and monitoring of work, as well as company projects.

If what you need is to make better recruitment, the Personnel Requisitions module is designed to facilitate this process, in the same way, the Personnel Evaluations module, allows you to make an effective assessment of all the personnel of your company and take corrective actions to improve the capacity of those who fail to reach the established goal.

Every day we must know the state of our company, therefore QUALITYWEB 360, has the Quality Risk Management module, analyze all the processes of your organization and reduce quality risks.

ISO 9001 certification

The opinion of your customers should not be overlooked, therefore, you must use the tools that show you the performance and the assessment they have of your company, with the Complaints and Customer Satisfaction modules, you can keep track of all complaints from your customers to the solution that maintains the level of customer satisfaction, also, strengthen the perception they have of your products and services quickly.

Besides, the Evaluation of KPI’s measures the performance of all your processes and, if necessary, applies actions that improve the work done in each area of ​​the company.

Some features:

  • Easy to use.
  • Access from anywhere.
  • Documents in original format (converted to PDF).

It’s easy use is one of the hallmarks since you do not need special knowledge for the software to work, you just have to configure it, and voila! You can start using it.

The reduction of work time is possible thanks to the fact that it is not necessary to perform double tasks or start the drafting of documents from scratch since QUALITYWEB 360 converts them into PDF automatically, this avoids modifications, therefore, the confidence indexes of our clients are older.

Finally, you can have access from wherever you are, facilitating communication and updating of information in our cloud without having to be present in the company.

The best Document Management Software

Undoubtedly, QUALITYWEB 360 is the best investment option for quality management, it has also become the favorite of companies for its customer service, ease of use, and the credibility of its processes.

It is recommended that you start using the software as soon as possible, in this way, the optimization and productivity of your company will be reflected in the quality and efficiency of the services you offer and in the improvement obtained from the staff through the training and evaluations that QUALITYWEB 360 offers.

Don’t wait any longer!

Do not miss the opportunity to achieve the efficiency that your company, staff, and clients deserve, we assure you that the processes you carry out will make a difference in today’s market and you will have an advantage over other companies.

There are many benefits that you can have with QUALITYWEB 360, we have mentioned a few, but you can discover them all using the tools at your disposal.

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