Features that will make your quality management more efficient

Gain time and increase your company and team’s productivity, we know what you need, that’s why we present ideal characteristics to take control and management of all your documents, as well as 15 modules to execute all the vital functions of your quality management.

100 Users!

QUALITYWEB 360 gives you up to 100 users that you can add to your system and keep your team working in sync with your processes. More users? No problem, you can buy more depending on your needs, and since you are paying a fixed fee and not per user, QUALITYWEB 360 gives you more value for your investment while providing you with an extremely scalable document management platform, loaded with all the features and tools you need.

Intuitive and easy to use

QUALITYWEB 360 is a very friendly and intuitive software. The configuration is quick and easy and does not present a very steep learning curve for you and the rest of the organization. No special knowledge is necessary for the software to be up and running. It simply configures it and it is very good to leave immediately.

Access from anywhere

You and your team can access the QUALITYWEB 360 system from anywhere and at any time using your smartphone or tablet or any device that has an Internet connection capability. Do you need to see some documents during a trip? Do you want to upload your reports right now? QUALITYWEB 360 has covered all the bases.

Upload your documents in their original format

With QUALITYWEB 360, you never have to start from scratch, the software allows you to upload the documentation of your processes in their original format and QUALITYWEB 360 will automatically convert them to PDF to avoid modifications.

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