Staff Evaluation in ISO 9001

An important concept in a Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001 Standard is evaluation, the standard asks us to evaluate many things within its requirements, it is important to do so since, as we all know, what is not measured is not it can be better. In this post I am going to focus on the Staff Evaluation and how you can carry it out within your company trying to answer some frequently asked questions.

What does ISO 9001 require?

Although the ISO 9001 Standard has Requirement 9 Performance Evaluation, it does not properly request a Staff Evaluation so we have a free hand to define the concepts that we want to define according to the needs of the company, the size and the position held by each worker.

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How to conduct a Staff Evaluation?

There are different evaluation methods such as the 360 ​​degree evaluation where all internal clients intervene, direct interviews of the Direct Head with the Subordinate, self-evaluation questionnaires, etc. and the most advisable thing is that the choice of technique to use depends on the type of position and function of each worker. For example; for a managerial position apply a 360 evaluation and for operational positions a questionnaire.

If you are starting the implementation of your Quality Management System, I would recommend making it as simple as you can and making it more complex as your management system matures.

Human Resources can prepare different surveys per level in the organization chart that will be answered by the direct boss in front of their subordinates, this so that there is feedback and agreements between both parties, always remember that these surveys must yield a measurable result so that it can be part of the KPIs.

What concepts to include in the Staff Evaluation

As we already know, the ISO 9001 Standard only gives us requirements but does not tell us how to carry them out, this gives us the possibility to determine the Criteria for the evaluation of personnel according to our needs, here I leave you a list of the concepts that you can include in your evaluations:

INITIATIVE Degree with which the employee acts independently in new situations, to what extent he perceives what is required and does it without being given indications
PRODUCTIVITY Real performance of the person compared to their peers. Consider what actually produces and not what is capable of producing
JUDGMENT To what extent does the person make appropriate decisions? Think before acting? They have the ability to base their actions on facts and not on emotions.
RESPONSIBILITIES Ability to assume their responsibilities and develop their work well.
COOPERATION Willingness to work in harmony with their colleagues, to carry out a job. He is willing to observe and adapt to the policies of the Management, maintain an attitude that makes teamwork pleasant
PUNCTUALITY Punctual in his schedule in his appointments and in the delivery of results
COURTESY WITH CLIENTS Respect, courtesy and cooperation to satisfy the needs and customer requirements
EFFORT Extent to which the employee does his best to be the best (regardless of how effective it is). Consider your motivation and how meticulous you are in your work
DISCIPLINE Abide by the regulations, standards and procedures of the organization
KNOWLEDGE OF THE WORK Knowledge of the techniques, procedures, products, equipment and materials required for the job
EXPERIENCE IN THE AREA Knowledge and experience in the use of tools, information, systems, procedures required for the area
COMPLIANCE WITH GOALS AND KPIS Degree to which the worker meets his goals and personal KPIs.
PROFILE Skills and capacities that the person has to carry out the position.

How often do you carry out the Staff Evaluation?

I would recommend that Human Resources program the Staff Evaluation by policy once a year to all personnel as a start, this may be part of the requirements to be a recipient of bonuses for example, and apply evaluations in case of promotions, relocations, etc.

Keep in mind that these evaluations take time and if the deadline is very short, it is most likely that those responsible are constantly behind schedule, as the Quality Management Systems mature they will be able to have more complex and more complex Staff Evaluation methods. with more frequency.

You can use tools such as electronic surveys or some software to help you carry out these evaluations more effectively and quickly.

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