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Our Quality Management System

15 Modules that will make your work more efficient. Find out why we are the ideal quality management software for your company.

Designed to make your company grow

Control and supervise all your company’s documents from a single system and from anywhere. QUALITYWEB 360 helps you increase your staff’s productivity with a user-friendly interface, an excellent resource, awarded and certified as quality management system software, ideal for your company.

Control de Documento - Modules

Control of Documents

Manage all changes in your documentation electronically and then consult it from anywhere in the Document Viewer.
Auditorias Internas - Modules

Internal Audits

Document all your internal audits from your planning, execution and monitoring of findings until its closure.
Acciones Correctivas - Modules

Corrective Actions

Document all the corrective actions of your company assigning responsible for monitoring, root cause and solution of them.
Requisiciones de Personal 1 - Modules

Personnel Requests

Make the recruitment and selection of new personnel in a fast and effective way.
Proyectos de Mejora 1 - Modules

Improvement Projects

Document all the projects of your company either by innovation or improvement to give the appropriate follow-up.
Quejas - Modules


Register and track all your customers’ complaints until their solution to maintain a high level of satisfaction.
Capacitaciones 1 - Modules


Request training through the necessary approvals and at the end evaluates its effectiveness.
Clima Laboral - Modules

Working Environment

Evaluate the work environment of your company in the easiest way and visualize the results through graphs.
Juntas - Modules

Work Meetings

Schedule your meetings by convoking all those involved and then follow up on the agreements quickly.
Mantenimientos - Modules

Maintenance and Calibrations

Schedule all the maintenance and calibrations of your company’s assets and request corrections if necessary.
Evaluaciones de Personal - Modules

Staff Evaluations

Evaluate effectively all the staff of your company and take corrective actions if one does not reach the established goal.
Evaluaciones de Proveedores - Modules

Suppliers Evaluations

Perform evaluations of all your suppliers and documents all the corrective actions in case of any breach.
Satisfacción del Cliente - Modules

Customer Satisfaction

Evaluate your customers’ perception of your products and services effectively ensuring continuous improvement.
Indicadores de Desempeño KPIS 1 - Modules


Measure the performance of all the processes of your company and apply corrective actions in case of non-compliance.
Gestión de Riesgos de Calidad - Modules

Quality Risk Management

Analyze all the processes in your organization and take corrective actions to mitigate quality risks.
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