What is records management in ISO 9001?

The International Archives Day is celebrated on June 9, where it is intended to recognize the importance of preserving and managing archives in the public and private sectors while facilitating access to them.

In general, the archives day allows to remember that they work as a tool that collaborates to the documentation of activities and decisions taken throughout time; leaving evidence of the development in all social areas.

Likewise, the archives have managed to establish an order within the organizations by being classified and used for an adequate follow-up of the continuous improvement when implementing ISO 9001 in the companies.

On the other hand, having a quality management software provides the opportunity to have a detailed file management with easy access for the work team; getting the necessary information instantly.

The organization of a quality management software is ideal for companies that seek to comply with the requirements for the quality management system; in QUALITYWEB 360 you will have the modules for a correct implementation.

Document Management

Enterprise records management is a set of standards applied to manage all types of documents created and received by an organization. The management aims to facilitate their retrieval, extraction and destruction.

In this sense, document management will allow quick access to information for any type of situation, thus saving time in searching for it and optimizing performance in the required task.

Quality document management software is an excellent option for certified companies, since it provides the necessary tools for document control and convenient organization of company files.

Among the functions of a document management system we have:

  • Determine and find a file.
  • Manage user access to files.
  • Blocking the use of files.
  • Facilitate effective file classification and organization.
  • Enable the transfer of information between users.

That is why, a proper file management will facilitate each of the processes of the different areas of the organization; for the compliance of the ISO 9001 standard in companies it is essential to have an efficient management.

Benefits of effective records management

Every day companies create and receive data that has to be archived and classified in some way; good records management will allow their preservation over time, in addition to improving labor productivity.

  • Document storage: The records management system serves as a central repository for all relevant company documents, so that information can be accessed, modified and shared quickly.
  • Document security: An organization without any kind of document strategy or management is exposed to leakage of sensitive and vital information at any time; management allows for optimal security measures.
  • Immediate access: In different business areas it is common to need a specific document for a specific activity; immediate access to information saves time and improves productivity.
  • Greater organization: Having categories, tags and metadata makes it easier to organize, retrieve and locate. The right keyword search will return the right result.
  • File sharing: Workers can share and receive files or documents from colleagues, while controlling who can access them.

In this way, quality software management provides the ideal tools for a correct adaptation of the ISO 9001 standard in companies; the benefits of file management will also be available.

Importance of records management

The method implemented at the time of archiving documents exposes a lot about the situation and the internal functioning of the organization; having a bad file management means great loss of time when searching for information.

On the other hand, there is also the legislative environment for which a correct management of information control and security requirements must be maintained to comply with laws and document conservation.

Some recommendations for records management are:

  • Establish a methodology: having a protocol for the storage of digital documents will allow the work team to correctly record and find the information.
  • Information hierarchy: It is of great importance to define subfolders for different categories of files, especially for companies with a long history in the industry.
  • Backup copies: Quality software management recommends constant backup copies of documents, thus safeguarding the information and maintaining previous versions of the files.

Likewise, the ISO 9001 standard in companies determines the guidelines for an effective methodology. A quality management software will guarantee a certification in less time by making a correct use of the resources; in QUALITYWEB 360 the best options for your organization are available.

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