How to prevent the loss/modification of digital documents in your company?

Nowadays, knowing how to avoid the loss of digital documents in your company is one of the most relevant administrative processes as it allows you to preserve important information and matters for business management; paying attention to the organization of documentation will allow for a smooth workflow.

Business documents such as tax obligations, civil, labour and social security records should never be affected by poor practice in the quality management system; good administration will provide adequate security to preserve the organisation’s digital documents. 

A business control software makes it easier to determine the requirements of the quality management system appropriate to the type of internal structure of the company; they contribute to an efficient use of the resources available in the company’s processes for greater productivity.

Together with QUALITYWEB 360, companies optimize their business structure in order to achieve better results in the long term; by having the quality management system requirements in place, staff can focus on the continuous improvement of products or services while having a correct workflow.

Reasons for loss of business documents

On a day-to-day basis, it is common to remember exactly where a folder with digital documents about certain company taxes was kept or perhaps the place where a USB with the last month’s accounting was located; for this reason, it is important to pay attention and be cautious at all times.

Digital documents can be modified or even lost if there is no good internal control during the development of professional activities; by having a quality management system, companies have at their disposal innovative tools that allow a simpler and more efficient organization.

The reasons for the loss of digital documents include the following:

  • Poor classification and organization: This is one of the causes for the misplacement of digital and physical documents; a poor computer working environment and organisational system will be a problem in internal business processes.
  • Deterioration of devices: Losing business entity information through damage to a computer or hard drive is common; scheduled computer maintenance checks are a good idea.
  • Staff error: The loss of digital documents can happen due to a failure on the part of workers, forgetting to save the file they worked on all day or even updating previous data without having made a backup. 

In addition, many of the causes of digital document loss can be avoided by automatic cloud backups through innovative monitoring software that protects business information at all times; creating good organization will also help establish best practices across departments.

digital documents

How to prevent the loss of digital documents?

In the requirements of the quality management system, it will be essential to generate a document control that offers document security in order to avoid losses or modifications in the company’s important data and to avoid inconveniences.

Generally, when there is no good organization within the internal processes of the company, either for the proper preservation of digital documents or the management of corrective actions, chaos dominates the situation and problem solving is continually complicated.

Some strategies for safeguarding digital documents are as follows:

  • Migrate documentation: The company’s current documents need to be classified and organized and then digitalized; this will make it easier to back them up and will optimize processes when it comes to finding them.
  • Gather corporate documents: Determining a specific place for the documentation of important data is an excellent option; it will be easier to locate the new information and back up the old files in the cloud.
  • Classify documentation: Categories in a digital document library are of great support when backing up and updating information; establishing categories according to processes will allow efficient searching of documents.
  • Define the authorized personnel: For good document management control, it is essential to establish access authorizations among workers; there are documents that should not be modified by all staff.
  • Establish good practices: When improving the organization of document control, good practices must be established; encouraging staff to maintain order and respect methodologies will give good results in the long term.

Finally, these will serve for the security of business information and prevent the loss of digital documents in your company; in QUALITYWEB 360 you will have the requirements of the quality management system and an optimized control software that has the best tools for the internal processes of your organization.

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