Everything you need to know about e-Administration of the Quality Management Software (QMS)

When a company has made the decision to enter into a process of internal renewal, with the objective of achieving the development of the entire organizational environment, it is possible that you are still wondering how a quality management software (QMS) can help you.

In the following lines, we want to give you a better perspective of what a QMS is and how it will facilitate the company’s path towards the development of the potential it possesses in all its areas.

Main Objective

The QMS software is designed to monitor the processes that are carried out within the company, ensuring that they are carried out with the quality required to meet the standards of the regulations, and thus achieve effective results.

What role does the QMS play in achieving ISO 9001 compliance?

It will not only improve in the aspect of speeding up processes and positive change for the personnel environment, but also in the positioning of the company above its competitors. For this reason, many companies are recently opting to manage the production aspects with these systems, as they ensure a more effective analysis and decision making.

How does it help to differentiate yourself from your competitors?

It is very important to achieve high quality standards because there are great demands in the environment. Building consumer confidence in the products and services offered promotes growth and internationalization.

What kind of aspects are handled by a QMS?

Now, taking into account that many of the QMSs are carried out in a traditional way, that is, with the manual registration and evaluation method, it is necessary to electronically manage the processes.

Among the processes that are monitored with this software are:

  • Document control
  • Training
  • Personnel Evaluations
  • Quality Risk Management
  • Performance Indicators KPI’s
  • And more

The administration of the QMS through the software

We can list among the most notable features:

  • Easy access via the Internet. In addition, it is so simple that it is manageable for all users.
  • Identification, realization and monitoring of processes in an effective way.
  • Increased effectiveness in the planning and execution of activities.
  • Increased performance and efficiency in the management of quality processes.
  • Detection of aspects that affect the company’s performance.
  • Improved management of financial resources.
  • Improved interaction with customers, suppliers, collaborators, and others.

What happens if a good QMS is not implemented?

It should not be an option to remain without effectively managing process management in the company because it would not be possible to establish immediate action plans to correct deficiencies. In the absence of parameters to measure, it would encourage conformism and a decline in quality.

Since the use of a QMS software is necessary to achieve quality standards, it is important to be aware that the absence of it implies:

  • Decrease in productivity
  • Increase in complaints and claims
  • Delay in operations
  • Increase in expenses
  • Among others

Quality excellence is now within reach

Preparing for an audit or submitting a performance report used to take a long time because it was done by one or more employees who had to present their analysis with supporting documents and other evidence. But with the advent of software that centralizes information and provides a clearer view of where improvements are needed, these tasks can be done quickly and effortlessly.

Now that we have seen in detail about what a quality management software does, we can have a certainty that its use will be one of the best investments a company can make. One of the additional reasons we can mention is that the company will be at the forefront of continuous improvement and that will boost its growth in a short period of time.

QUALITYWEB 360 automates and greatly improves the administration of all processes. Nowadays, when the market is very competitive, having a tool that gives you advantages, that supplies all the needs for growth and primarily a high effectiveness, allows you to achieve something as desired and important as the excellence for complying with the quality standards according to ISO 9001.

There is much more information about the benefits that QUALITYWEB 360 software includes, however, the most important thing is that the amount that is invested in it will return not only in positive results, but in a considerable financial gain.

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