Get to know QUALITYWEB 360 modules for quality management

The positive results you will see using the QUALITYWEB 360 software

In a previous article, we took a look at the benefits and some of the key features that are used within quality management software. Now, we will talk about the modules that this system has and how to get the most out of them.

In general, any quality management system comprises a set of standardized rules that form a guideline to be followed to ensure adequate processes and results. Four of its main components are organizational strategy, processes, human talent and information systems and technology.

And within the information systems and technology, we find the software tool for quality management. In the case of QUALITYWEB 360, the document management modules collect all the necessary information to manage the results obtained.

The software works in such a way that it complies with the main quality initiatives, including planning, support and operation, performance evaluation and finally improvement actions.

For this purpose, it has 15 modules that implement these quality initiatives, for example, for measurement and planning, we can use the document control, internal audits, meetings, maintenance and quality risk management modules.

In the set of actions for performance evaluation we can work with the modules of personnel evaluations, supplier evaluations, work environment, performance indicators, KPI’s and complaints, all with the objective of carrying out effective evaluations in each of these areas, finding the existing failures and then follow up to improve in each aspect.

Once detected the elements that require improvement actions, modules such as corrective actions, improvement projects, training and personnel requisitions will be used. As an advantage we will have that the same software will provide solutions for each of the problems that are detected.

The use of modules and the achievement of ISO 9001 compliance

It is highly relevant to be able to use a quality management system to achieve the quality standards required by ISO 9001. Ensuring that everything runs smoothly towards that goal is the reason for using QUALITYWEB 360 software.

So that we can have a better perspective of how the modules help in obtaining quality, we will give some examples of the modules when they fulfill their function within the process of analysis and improvement of the company.

Optimal quality control, as indicated by ISO 9001, includes quality risk management. By generating reports and reports in a timely manner, risk assessment is streamlined and, therefore, corrective actions will also be taken to mitigate any risk.

Customer satisfaction is another of the fundamental objectives highlighted by the ISO 9001 standard, since the products or services provided by the company must meet the customer’s requirements.

Our quality management software has a specific module for this purpose, where the customers’ perception of the products and services is efficiently evaluated, guaranteeing continuous improvement.

An essential part of ISO 9001 is to verify that the system is working. It is recommended that a company perform internal audits to make sure how its quality management system is working.

For this purpose, QUALITYWEB 360 includes a module called Internal Audits where it manages internal audits from their planning, execution and follow-up of findings until their conclusion.

We cannot fail to mention the KPI’s or Performance Indicators module. In order to comply with the standards that demand quality from the product manufacturing process to the final product, it is necessary to constantly review the performance in each of the stages of the processes. We can know this thanks to the indicators or KPI’s like those that the Indicators module of the QUALITYWEB 360 software has.

The features you need to know about QUALITYWEB 360

It is important to know that our quality management software will not only help us to standardize processes and allow us to have centralized information, but it will also help us to know its features and benefits for obtaining excellence in quality according to the parameters of ISO 9001.

This platform was designed to be easy to install, use and access. Thus, users who use it will not need to go through a long user guide to be able to use it, since its interface is quite comfortable and also allows uploading all documentation to the cloud, which will then be easily available.

Now that we have briefly discussed the content and features of QUALITYWEB 360 software, it only remains to say that this platform has been awarded and certified, indicating its great effectiveness.

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