How to have information security in my company?

Business cybersecurity is one of the most important factors to take into account nowadays due to the amount of information that is stored on online servers or in the cloud for better process performance.

E-administration brings with it great advantages for the optimization of internal company processes; however, when centralizing business documentation on the internet, appropriate security measures must be put in place.

In addition, quality software that implements ISO 9001 of 2015 ensures the protection of the organisation’s data by making use of digital tools that provide timely document control.

On the other hand, the guidelines defined by ISO 9001 certification in Mexico allow for an internal structure that ensures labour productivity along with a high quality of results to maintain the loyalty of satisfied customers.

In this sense, QUALITYWEB 360 has the right quality software to comply with the ISO 9001 internal audit for certification; remember to define the appropriate cybersecurity measures for your company with the following tips.

Enterprise cybersecurity

information security

When implementing E-administration to ensure labour productivity and efficient performance of activities, cyber security will be necessary to protect the organisation’s information.

Cybersecurity is considered as the protection of technological systems that are linked to the internet, from hardware, quality management software and business data against cyber attacks.

Some reasons to consider business cybersecurity are:

  • • Securing cyber networks from intruders.
  • • Provide security for enterprise systems.
  • • Keep customer data private.
  • • Establishing good cybersecurity practices among workers.
  • • Timely recovery of data in the event of attacks.

The more technological tools are implemented in e-administration, the more exposed information is to being hacked, leaked or deleted, so strong security measures must be considered for the company.

On the other hand, in May is celebrated the password day, making reference to the awareness to reinforce the use of secure passwords as there are many people who do not have a cybersecurity of their information on the internet.

How to keep business information secure?

information security

When you have quality software for ISO 9001 compliance, there is a chance that the software does not have good cybersecurity in its system, putting the organisation’s business information at risk.

In internal ISO 9001 audits, it is common to find failures in the cyber security of internal business processes; these internal audits allow to recognize those deficiencies in order to find the appropriate solutions.

To increase the security of business information, consider the following:

  • Intrusion detection systems: Intrusion detection and prevention devices monitor individual enterprise systems to generate alarms for unusual behaviour.
  • Honeypots: A computer system that acts as a decoy in case of cyber attacks and at the same time collects information about the intrusion attempt.
  • Anti-spam: Anti-spam tools are essential when receiving emails as at least 80% of threats start through this medium; paying attention to suspicious emails will save problems.
  • Backups: A backup of business information is always timely to keep the organisation’s most relevant data safe; setting up a system to make copies will keep information safe.

Likewise, cybersecurity measures in the e-administration is vital for its proper functioning; preventing cyber-attacks will allow immediate solutions to be found in case of a future attack.

Benefits of good corporate cybersecurity

Establishing ISO 9001 through quality software will save time, resources and effort in complying with the general requirements of certification; however, it is important to secure the information obtained during the process.

Among the advantages of cybersecurity in e-administration we have:

  • Guarantees the integrity of information: By having the right cybersecurity measures in place, you can guarantee the protection of business information in every area of the company.
  • Reduces risks: A large part of cyber-attacks can be avoided by having good security of business information by being notified or directly blocking the attempted attack.
  • Improves productivity: A protected corporate network does not waste time in possible attacks on the company’s information; in the event of an attack, time will be saved in the solution by being prepared in advance.

In short, in order to keep business information secure, it is appropriate to define good practices in the organisation’s processes; by having quality software such as QUALITYWEB 360, it will be possible to find the company’s weak points in order to apply the appropriate solutions.

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