How to manage projects with an electronic administration?

As companies develop, new challenges and objectives will present them with the opportunity to position themselves among the best in the industry; proper project management will facilitate the path to success.

Electronic administration also has great benefits within a quality management system as it allows easy and controlled monitoring to define the keys to improve business productivity.

Likewise, ISO 9001 standards are important in the business world because they establish a series of guidelines that optimize the organization’s processes by defining the appropriate solutions to the problems that hinder its productivity.

In this sense, a business project management establishes a methodology to meet the objectives of each one of these, through stages that give the possibility of finding and correcting errors that may affect their fulfillment.

In the same way, the implementation of an electronic administration within the internal processes is more common due to its efficiency in business management; in QUALITYWEB 360 you will find the best options for your company.

electronic administration

What is electronic administration?

The digital era has established a new evolution thanks to its new technologies and intuitive tools that facilitate systematic work; electronic business administration is the best alternative for your company.

To know what electronic administration is, it is opportune to take into account that it is based on the correct use of information and communication technologies together with legal and organizational changes that are feasible for internal improvement.

Some principles of public administration are:

  • Multichannel: E-administration seeks to establish its guidelines through all possible channels, as long as it is technically and economically within reach.
  • Document reduction: Having an electronic business administration avoids unnecessary documentation and administration processes that slow down business productivity.
  • Accessibility: By working with quality management software, you will be able to efficiently access each document through the available tools, as well as classify and organize them.

On the other hand, an electronic administration brings great benefits such as the simplicity of administrative processes or speed when searching for documents; this establishes a great advance for ISO 9001 certification.

In this sense, when working on your company’s project management organization, it is advisable to establish the principles of an electronic administration together with a control software for better performance results.

Pillars of project management

At the moment of establishing a business project management it is necessary to develop several processes that guarantee the management of each of the company’s projects together with the people responsible for their fulfillment.

Some of the pillars of project management are:

  • Analyze the risk: Risk analysis is about evaluating and identifying each of the possible risks that a project may have during its development; in order to be able to take appropriate preventive measures.
  • Structured evaluation: It is important to pay attention to the estimation of projects within the process; being the costs, resources or duration of the project to determine the overall part of the project.
  • Reviews: There are 4 types of reviews which are participation, initiation, progress and closure. The objective of these reviews is to pay attention to the standards, status and possible risks of the project for corrections.
  • Consulting: It is essential that project management is carried out by a professional; training allows developing the necessary skills for the current and future project.
  • Time management: It is important to take into account the time for the development of the project; having a system that allows a constant follow-up will be of great help to measure the time invested.
  • Information system: A control software is appropriate for the information system because it saves time when planning, reporting and monitoring the project.

In this sense, in the business management system for ISO 9001 certification, audits in companies tend to require good project management in order to find faults and timely solutions to achieve the desired objective.

Project management tips

The development of projects in an electronic administration is fundamental for the growth of the company; that is why a correct management of business projects will give way to the adaptation of the good practices that it offers.

Among the tips we have:

  • Improve planning management: Sometimes, companies tend to confuse the consequences with the causes of these; going deeper into the problems will facilitate their solution.
  • Classify problems: Many problems tend to have the same cause; separating them and measuring their origin is necessary for their solution.
  • Hierarchize the tasks: Measuring the activities that will require the most work and investment of the project is appropriate to establish a good organization that allows its fulfillment.

To conclude, it is important to mention that in QUALITYWEB 360 you will have the opportunity to find the best professionals in the market for your project management; the ISO 9001 certification is fundamental for the positioning of your company and with the quality software available you will achieve the objective with ease.

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